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  • Paula Stiles DPT, OCS, Pn1

Stop Asking Google and Facebook How to Treat your Injuries. Get Help Now!

"Runners are the worst", "Triathletes don't listen", "Cross fitters don't stop when they should"....

In my almost 20 years as a physical therapist I have heard these quotes or some version of them many times. I have worked with these groups more than other athletes but I am guessing it has been said about any dedicated individual who doesn't want to give up what the enjoy.

"I just can't stop ... to get it healthy" is another favorite. I will say, " You don't have to, but if you continue with whatever is nagging or truely painful it will eventually stop you". When something is nagging and just a pain in the ass is the time to start figuring it out. I am not talking about googling it, asking your facebook group for what they have done, or reading an article. Find a professional. Would you google "how to invest my money?" Yet your putting your health in the hands of the internet. I know people do this for all kinds of conditions, I would say STOP IT! Ok, enough tangent getting back to the real message. Take care of things before there are so many layers to fix or you have to take time off.

I start working with a new client and ask, "how long has this been bothering you?" Many times it is months or even years. My next quote,, " it will take time to peel back layers of dysfunction like the layers of an onion." Yes that means if you go in when it starts your health professional has a much easier time evaluating and treating what it is the primary dysfunction. I know many of us think. It doesn't hurt too much and maybe it will go away. Sometimes it does, but when it lasts longer than a couple weeks or it is worsening you should go in. Many answer, I don't know where to go so I don't go anywhere. To that I would say, ask your friends or people involved in your activity. Most are happy to recommend someone that has been helpful. Also, many are quick to steer you away from places that weren't. Another scenario I hear too often, "the doctor didn't recommend physical therapy". So what!!! If you aren't able to do what you want in a way you want. Do something about it! Healthcare is no different than other professions. There are good and bad practitioners. Many physical therapists will do a consult or answer questions before you schedule an official appointment. Feel free to contact me with questions

So the take home messge of my rant is, Get off the internet and into an office of someone that really can help keep you doing whatever it is you love!

Have a happy and healthy day!

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