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Perfection is the Enemy of Good, Voltair

We all can get stuck in not taking any action if we don't think it will be perfect. 2020 isn't perfect for anyone I know, and we still need to move forward. School is going to be starting again and many of us thought it would look very different than it does. We hoped with all our might it would not be HOMESCHOOL again. We were disappointed! And that is OK, but we can't bury our head in the sand and only complain about it. We can't drink it or eat it away. We need to find a way to make the next 4 months of 2020 as good as we can.

Sounds good, but you are saying how do I do that? I can't do ???? Stop focusing on the CAN"T and see what you CAN do. How can you take a small action to move you towards your goals? Do you have any goals? Do you want to sleep better? Be more patient? Cook healthier meals? Exercise more? What do you think would lower your stress and bring you joy in the next few months? I may not have the perfect answer but I have got a few guidelines to help you choose something and get started before it's perfect.

4 Ways to take ACTION not just show MOTION (yes they are different and a topic for another blog).

  1. Choose an action that is small enough you are 100% sure you can complete it.

  2. Pair it with something you are already doing

  3. Reward yourself for doing it

  4. Keep a tracker and don't miss more than one day in a row


I am going to drink 8 glasses of water a day

I will drink a glass of water before my coffee (1), with every meal (2-4), when I brush my teeth (5-6), When I let the dog outside (at least 7&8)

I will do what I want (read my book) for 30 minutes every time I reach my 8 glasses of water

I will use a habit tracker app or put an X on the whiteboard every glass I drink

I will start fresh every morning!

It isn't easy to change behavior, but it can be done by making the changes so small you succeed with ease. IMPERFECT ACTIONS LINKED TOGETHER BRING GREAT CHANGES!

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