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Paula Stiles  DPT, OCS, Pn2

I  have 23 years’ experience as an outpatient physical therapist with an Orthopedic Specialist Certification through the American Physical Therapy Association. I originally graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy but have since earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I enjoy working with anyone that has a goal. The goal may be to have less pain with daily activities, play pickleball better, learn to have a healthy relationship with food or it may be to run a marathon, if you want to do it. I want to help! I have worked with all ages and performance levels including professional triathletes, professional baseball and football players, along with many college athletes.  Some of my most rewarding clients have been the beginning runner and the baby boomer who wants to keep active for their retirement.

My practice is very different from most.  First if  you will only see me for the entire appointment. You will have my undivided attention for the entire visit. I will perform a thorough evaluation.  I will give you a home exercise program that will be the majority of your therapy saving you time and money. I see my clients as infrequently as I can and still help you reach your goals.  Another aspect that is different is you have direct access to me through email, phone calls, or texting. It is better to take care of an issue immediately.


Many of my clients have tried therapy in the past and either been unsuccessful or felt like it took a lot of time. Now my clients says things like, “ I can’t believe it is better already”.

I also offer a wide range of wellness services like health coaching, injury prevention programs and corporate wellness talks. 

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