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Clinic Visits
I offer in person treatment, coaching and program design appointments.    You will have my undivided attention for your entire session, no juggling of multiple patients.
Run Program Design
Having completed 12 full marathons and  many more 1/2's and shorter distances I understand the challenges both mentally and physically of starting a running  program or advancing to the next distance.  Your program will include workouts, injury prevention as well as opportunity for answering your questions.
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Nutrition Coaching
& Lifestyle Management
I utilize an online program called ProCoach with one on one interactions to help you achieve a better way of eating and making healthy lifestyle habits.  It includes behavior change, nutrition and other education aspects to help you achieve your goals.   There are no strict rules  so your new habits can be maintained for a lifetime.  It also can include a semi-custom exercise program if you choose.  See ProCoach page for informational videos.
Running Form Evaluation
Either in person or through video submission I can evaluate your posture, trunk position, foot strike and much more to provide drills and exercises to make you a more efficient and durable runner.  Yes durable, meaning more miles with less chance of injury.
 Online fitness training  and workout program design
One plan doesn't work for everyone.  I help you look at your schedule and determine where you can find time to exercise.  Then I write a program that fits your life.  It might be three 10 minute high intensity sessions during your day, or it might be an hour long session.  It just has to work for YOU!  Video evaluation can be included for form evaluation and assessment.
Functional Fitness at The Hub
Small group exercise class for anyone.   Includes cardio, weight training and flexibility.  Exercises are modified for all levels.   Goal of class is to improve strength, balance and overall fitness.  I am also willing to provide classes on site for company wellness programs. 
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