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Find what you like and move it so you don't lose it

I get a lot of comments because I like to run and I like to run long. Yes, marathons or more recently 1/2 marathons. "why would you do that?", "I can't imagine going that far", and a lot of other not so positive comments. Why do I do it? Because I ENJOY it. I get up at 4:30 to meet my girlfriends for a run because I want to. It starts my day off well. Is it for everyone, NO. Some people like to hike, bike, swim, walk, play golf, lift weights and a million other things. What they all have in common is they like to do it, so it gets done. No one will continue and be consistent with an exercise program they dread. Life has too many have to do's to have exercise be a negative stressor. As we get older we need to move it or lose it. Many things we attribute to aging like weakness, loss of balance has been proven to be more a function on inactivity. Inactivity is the real stealer of life, not aging.

Kids are good at finding things they like, my son loves Lightening McQeen, so today at 4:30 we are going to see Cars 3. There is no choice in this unless I want to listen to 500 questions on when we are going. His like of McQeen drives our behavior. My like of running drives my behavior. You must find something you like to drive your behavior for getting moving.

Friends help too. We all have a day we don't feel like doing it, but if you have someone counting on you it makes it harder to say I will do it tomorrow. Find a workout buddy, a walking buddy, a whatever partner to keep you accountable. Then you can stay moving for all the other things in our life you already enjoy.

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